Biometrics & Digital Locks

Biometrics & Digital Locks – Latest Technology – WIRELESS, WI-FI, BLUETOOTH, BIO-METRIC

Lock King Locksmiths are experts in Biometrics & Digital Locks – Wi-Fi, RFID, NFC Bluetooth keyless locks, electronic key data, biometric access and keypad entry and weare proud to be able to offer our Gold Coast clients the latest keyless door locks for your home and business. These digital locks provide high security authorized access and are user friendly.

Also, working in conjunction with ‘Digital Shift’, Lock King Locksmiths are able to provide a service that specialises in commercial installations for hotels, apartments, schools, business complexes, or any large building development. This service can also be installed in a domestic property if required, however the cost of installation is usually an inhibiting factor for most domestic dwellings.

digital locks

The service on offer:

  • Wireless Lock security – streamed. “your phone is the key” (Lockwood)
  • High speed internet no buffering (instant viewing)
  • Wi-Fi control – TV, stereo, lighting, white ware, aircon, vacancy sensors, energy efficient sensors.
  • Human presence detectors
  • Media/entertainment provider

Lock King Locksmiths are able to offer this exciting new new technology in conjunction with Digital Shift. Using the world renowned ‘ASSA’ (Lockwood) brand of Wi-Fi locks, you can be assured that your privacy and security is as good as it gets!

Just imagine being able to access this innovative new technology that controls every electrical device and appliance within your property. Your locks, lighting, air-conditioning, television, washing machine, dryer etc can all be controlled via your smart phone, PC, tablet, or Mac from anywhere in the world, over the internet!

Going one step further, Digital Shift is happy to provide an extremely secure, high speed internet service for all Lock King Locksmiths clients. This internet service can include a complete free media service including movies, sport etc providing it has been installed in your commercial property as part of a package. For your domestic household, school or business the media service can be provided on a cheap monthly payment plan. All installations with Lock King Locksmiths and Digital Shift is available on finance.
This exciting new technology will make your life easier to manage whilst maintaining your security and privacy.

Lost Electronic Keys?  

Even with lost keys we can make you a working transponder key to your car or bike at your location by cutting and programming using onboard diagnostics, or by in-circuit reading or engine control unit resetting. No problem. If you’re worried about where the old key is, we can also recode or reset your electronic key to stop the old key working.

Contact your local Lock King Locksmiths for more information about this new technology and how it can help you.

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